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The two of us met at a leadership retreat.

We immediately were drawn to each other based on our love of all things creative. We quickly discovered that our connection was much more profound than creative ideas and recognized we had a passion to not only step into our own purpose but also for helping others do the same. A deep drive to serve the underdog, the people that felt lesser than but also knew they had something special. That is where it all started, and it is nearly impossible for us not to collaborate and share all that we learned over the past several years with YOU.

We established The Social Note Community in 2020.


Kristin Korn was once an obsessively frustrated network marketer who flipped the industry approach to online marketing when she started implementing brand-focused copywriting and creative techniques. As she hit the top rank in her company, she recognized copy-and-paste marketing tactics had no place in her timeline. Since 2017, Kristin has been serving women who, like herself, felt the drive to do more beyond direct sales. Because she's continued to test ideas, take action on her restlessness, listen to her heart, and follow her passions instead of money, she's here today to take the hard out of building a purpose-driven business. Using her signature Business Building Roadmap, she helps you define and market your unique brand strategy through consulting, courses, and this membership library.

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The peacock is a possessor of some of the most admired human characteristics, and is a symbol of integrity and the beauty we can achieve when we endeavor to show our true colors.


Jenny Taylor is the founder of Jenny Does Grace, a multi-faceted business in the online space, the network marketing industry, and her newest addition, the art world. She focuses on collaboration, integrity, and freedom. She built a multi-million dollar organization and is in the process of doing it again. Jenny loves to share her unique perspective and insight on building team culture, servant leadership, balancing motherhood and career, and designing a life you love with the people you love. She lives by the idea that women are better together and believes that collaboration and linking arms are the keys to business and life success. Jenny loves to share her experiences in coaching people through fear and doubt to build a successful business on their terms... with no alarm clocks!

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Things Jenny Loves...

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