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You want to ditch the hustle to do more purposeful work and impact those who you are meant to serve, but you’re feeling deserted and discouraged with trying to figure everything out on your own; therefore, you need to lean on others who’ve gone before you and follow their actionable steps to begin building your business from a place of rest.

Finally! How you can step into your uniqueness to build a lasting business.

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You're frustrated, tired, and frankly, feeling defeated. 

You entered the social selling space to create more income, freedoms, and friendships. But instead, over the years, you've found yourself continually chasing the finish line. The more you learned new "sales techniques" from industry leaders, the more everything felt very unauthentic.

So you've been struggling and fighting the internal urge of what to do next? Where to turn for guidance? How to make an impact?

You are open to learning new things, but what you are doing right now isn't bringing you the fulfillment you were looking for.

It's not your fault. You were told the extra hustle and month-end pushes would pay off, but they only left you chasing empty promises.

But what if your time wasn't wasted?

What if God purposefully set up these lessons to lead you along your entrepreneur journey?

What if your experiences over the past decade are leading you right where you are supposed to be?

We believe they have and you are right on time.

We found ourselves struggling with the same things too.

When Jenny and I met at a leadership retreat a few years into our network marketing journeys - we were raising our hands to learn everything we could to take our respective businesses to the next level.

Year after year, we'd set new title and income goals with the belief that these would bring us the happiness and freedoms we wanted in our lives. 

At the time, we both had young children, and staying home with them while earning a respectable income was our top priority. Jenny had stepped away from a demanding corporate career, and I a male-dominated marketing one.

But instead of obtaining fulfillment, all we found was a moving finish line. Although we did see glimpses of financial success, we never attained our true purpose until we started listening to God.

Although Jenny and I were immediately were drawn to each other based on our love of all things creative, we quickly discovered that our connection was much more profound than creative ideas. 

We recognized we had a passion for stepping into our own purpose and helping others do the same. It was a deep drive to serve the underdog, the people who felt lesser than - but also knew they had something special. 

That is where it all started, and it is nearly impossible for us not to collaborate and share all that we learned over the past several years with you.

We've been continually stepping out into faith and trusting in the path God has been leading us along. And although network marketing is still a part of our lives, it's not the purpose of it.

We've discovered our (individual) callings by reflecting on our life experiences and pivots, and we can't wait to offer this same gift of "becoming" to you inside The Social Note.

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Kristin + Jenny

Unlike other memberships, which overwhelm you with a large amount of over-valued content and weekly responsibility, we only deliver the teachings and materials needed to streamline your business to build from a place of rest.

Would you like to:

Master Your Entrepreneur Mindset?
Stay focused and optimistic, so you can be open to new possibilities and allow your passions to drive you.

Learn How To Kick Fear To The Curb?
Take risks despite rejection, which means recognizing fear and taking action.

Expand Your Business Income Streams?
Create greater stability and safety, which means having financial independence to do the things you're most passionate about.

Do More Purposeful Work?
Impact those who you are meant to serve so you can ditch the hustle and grind and begin building from a place of rest.

Join A Community Of Like-minded Women?
Lean on other entrepreneurs who've gone before you so you can build up confidence in your abilities.

Yes! I want to join!


community + teachings

Strengthen your well being and heal your heart 

Align your passions and interests with your business goals

Experience the freedom that comes with building a business you control

Integrate time-saving systems into your business

Replace the hustle and grind with purpose and fulfillment

Launch a purpose-driven business to escape frustration and defeat

Stop trading time for money and build an automated sales system

Gain time freedom to do the things you're most passionate about

Start using a purposeful content marketing strategy to attract clients

Yes! Not Missing This!

We help women who want to step into their uniqueness, go from feeling frustrated and defeated to developing their brand in a humble, confident, and impactful way to offer others value. 

We believe social selling is a powerful vehicle to build residual income on the side, but nothing compares to the freedom of creating something you have total control over.

The Social Note Community Portal and Resource Teaching Library shows you how to step into your God-given talents and interests to create multiple income streams authentically.

"I am learning so much from The Social Note. I am learning mistakes mean I am trying. I am really learning that sometimes keeping my mouth shut solves more problems. But by biggest learning point has been my patience in listening to God to reveal my plan and purpose. I've been able to discover what business models are for me and which aren't based on my strengths."

- Tammie W.

"Kristin and Jenny have been influential mentors for me as I have built a virtual business. That business lit a spark in me but they fanned the flame. Through their guidance and leadership I have found my passion and stepped into my purpose. I’m so grateful for their support and heart to help others find meaning in their work and their service to others. I am more confident in my work and value I share with others."

- Daniele M.

"I have very much enjoyed my membership and appreciate the time and heart you and Jenny have put into this program. It is wonderful and I've had some great "aha" moments! Thank you so much!"

- Rachel P.

"Kristin and I met by chance over four years ago in business and remained friends by choice ever since.  I have worked closely with Kristin as she taught me dig into becoming my authentic self, discover my purpose and build my Pinterest Coaching business aside from my direct sales business.  Through Kristin, I met Jenny. Together the two have helped guide my online business journey and show up as my true self. There's no better duo in this industry to learn from! They hold nothing back to help others like myself."

- Jennifer B.

"I joined The Social Note so I could get help believing in myself. With a background in nutrition and multiple network marketing companies, I knew I had knowledge to serve others but didn't know how to create an income from home using it. I knew getting mentorship would be a big help. So being able to lean on two women willing to share their knowledge and advice for such an amazing price was a no brainer.  I can literally sit down and they mentor me on my struggles and push me to believe in myself as I learn from their mistakes."

- Rosa S.



Member Comments...

What's Included...

​Every month in the membership, we release one new teaching that will help you GROW your business. Whether we release a tutorial, mini-course, webinar, or interview, you are equipped with fresh, new coaching materials monthly. (monthly value $200)


​To save you oodles of time and energy, every month, we give you a script, social media template, swipe file, spreadsheet, post ideas, graphics, or calendars DONE FOR YOU! Be able to show up confidently in your business with these time-saving materials. (monthly value $100)


​We are sharing all of our business-building tips with you every month, including giving you access to our best tools and planners. Use the planning kits, SEO tips, Workbooks, Lists, Checklists, Mindmaps, Cheatsheets, Checklists, and Planners to cut out all the mental fog and overwhelm. (monthly value $100)


​To keep the content fun, we offer a member perk every month. This perk may include a LIVE Q & A, Hot Seat, Guest Speaker, Member Spotlight, Partner Discount, Virtual Meetup, Implementation Workshop, Member Awards, Behind the Scenes Snapshot, or Member Makeover. (monthly value $100)


Entrepreneurship can be a lonely, stressful 'job'. It’s vital to have a sounding board, to be able to pick the brains of someone who has been in the same situation. Plus, the same way Kristin and Jenny formed their partnership, we encourage members to build connections with other women in the community.
 (monthly value $100)


Not everyone who comes into The Social Note will be at the same stage. That's why we've developed our exclusive Social Note Success Path designed to streamline your entrepreneur journey and help move you forward to make progress. (monthly value $50)

success Path

Master Your Entrepreneur Mindset

Kick Fear To The Curb 

Discover Your Brand Foundation

Creating Your Content

Healing Your Heart

Going For Growth

All of your monthly materials will be housed online inside a password-protected library. Save time and frustration finding what you need. Everything is neatly organized for easy accessibility. (monthly value $100)


Bonus for Annual Members

A welcome message from Kristin & Jenny with a printed copy of The Social Note Success Path.

Handmade Hero Band "Stay in Your Lane" Silver/Leather Bracelet from Kristin.

5x7 Original Watercolor Print from Jenny.

($150 total value)

The Social Note Welcome Kit

Bonus for All Members

Attract more people to your brand, which means that you will easily set yourself apart from others when you know what you stand for.
The first step to make your business more profitable, faster!
A mini Roadmap Course by Kristin Korn. ($1,500 value)

The Personal Branding Playbook Mini-Course

25% off all courses offered by Kristin or Jenny.

Never pay full price for any of Kristin or Jenny's downloads or courses as long as you remain an active Social Note member. ($500 value)

All members get instant access to our Private Instagram Community where we highlight trainings, members, and do live check-ins!

As women, it's time to come together to speak the truth about building an impactful business in this digital age. With over 30 combined years of business-building experience, Kristin Korn and Jenny Taylor are ready to share everything they've learned with YOU inside The Social Note membership.

We will not only communicate, but we are committed to full transparency with the HARD stuff. The stuff that nobody talks about with you.

We have over 30 Teachings Inside The Social Note Library with a new one released every month!

Online Community Portal + Resource Teaching Library 

An Inside Look

Who is it for?

Simply put, The Social Note is for women (from all countries) who are fed up with the sales tactics being reinforced throughout the online industry today, specifically from the direct sales channel and social selling. Whether you are just getting started or been in business for years, this community is for women who are ready to use their unique gifting, story, and passions to grow a business. This community welcomes women from all online industries: creatives, service-based, network marketing, bloggers, influencers, affiliate marketers, and others who want to create multiple income streams authentically.

I don't have a business yet, is this right for me?

Yes, Absolutely! The resources provided inside the library and Social Note Success Path will help you start to lay a strong foundation for your brand. You’ll also have an advantage because you’ll have an entire community that you can lean on for support as you’re building.

Does 1:1 support come with the membership?

We realize inside past memberships; you may have just felt like another profile in the group. Even though we don’t include 1:1 live coaching, Kristin and Jenny are very active in the community, and we do have staff on hand to support you and answer all questions brought our way. We encourage our members to collaborate and give feedback to public questions so that you can get responses from different perspectives. NOTE: Kristin does offer 1:1 paid creative and consulting inside her CORE Brand Marketing Group.

How do I receive the welcome kit?

If you enroll in the annual plan you will receive your Social Note Welcome Kit in the mail within 10-14 business days.  While you wait, you'll have instant access to the online community and library so you can get started immediately. Please note, at this time only members inside the U.S. will receive the welcome kits.

Will I have access to your previous teachings?

You bet! Once your membership is activated you'll get access to all archived content that was released prior to you joining us! This may exclude any time-sensitive bonuses and downloads.

Are any in-person events included?

At the moment we’re strictly online but we have plans to host an annual retreat and pop-up workshops. Members will of course get priority access.

Am I able to cancel at any time?

We’d hate to see you go, but we understand that things happen. You can cancel at any time on your own through your personal account settings inside Stripe. Once canceled, your access to the online community and resource library and all bonuses (including access to The Personal Branding Playbook) will terminate. All plans can be canceled; however, no payments will be refunded.

Can you give me an example of a monthly release?

You bet. As mentioned we are committed to full transparency with the HARD stuff. The stuff that nobody talks about with you... and that includes the mindset and healing that needs to happen internally so we can show up for our business externally. Every month we release (1) item from each category: teaching, done for you, download, and member perk. These items will fall inside different stages inside The Social Note Success Path.

For example, a healing teaching could include feeling shame, working through fears, holding on to guilt, or putting your priorities first. A business growth teaching could include using Instagram stories, setting up your email list, promoting your blog on Pinterest, or using a lead magnet to attract new leads.

What are the included courses?

Kristin and Jenny believe that in order to show up confidently in your business there is much discovery that first must happen inside your brand. So to kick off your membership we've given you free access to Kristin's Personal Branding Playbook Mini-Coursee to Discover Your Core Foundation. This 5-step training valued at over $1,500 will help you attract more people to your brand, which means that you will easily set yourself apart from others when you know what you stand for. NOTE: As an active member you have the option to purchase any of Kristin or Jenny's courses 25% off.

Is this a membership Facebook community where I can have access to your training videos and get questions answered in the group?

Our Community is NOT inside Facebook as we see that platform as very loud, busy, and distracting. We are hosting The Social Note Community inside a private Instagram Profile that you will have immediate access to. You can chat privately with Jenny and Kristin as well as other members and comment under all posts. All the monthly teachings and releases are uploaded and filed nice and neat inside a private password-protected online library so you can access and download them at any time as long as you remain an active member. You also get access to all previous releases once you enter the library. 

Have Questions?

Inside The Social Note membership, you'll find accountability, a support system, a business building framework, and women who've gone through similar experiences as you!

Monthly Done For You files and templates (valued at $100)

Bonus for All Members

The Personal Branding Playbook™ Mini-Course (valued at $1,500)

Monthly Teachings (valued at $200)

Monthly Downloads (valued at $100)

That’s a total of over $750 in monthly value plus $2,000 in bonuses!

(this is all yours as long as you remain an active member)

The Social Note Membership

25% off all digital courses offered by Kristin and Jenny (valued at $500)

Access to the Password-Protected Social Note Library (valued at $100)

Access to the private Social Note Community on Instagram (valued at $100)

The Social Note Success Path Digital Workbook (valued at $50)

Monthly Member Perk (valued at $100)

Yes! I 'm totally in!